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There are resources galore here for educators!

LMC Helpful Handouts

LMC Procedure 2016.17 Everything you need to know about check-outs!


YA Permission   Form Permission for 5th & 6th graders to check-out YA materials.
AR Directions How to check if a book has an AR quiz!

Library Media Center

Resource Links

Library Databases

Online databases are THE BEST tools to use when conducting research because they contain highly accurate information that has been extracted from specialty encyclopedias and academic journals. These databases are available only through libraries that subscribe to them.  They are not accessed through what's known as the free or open web (websites that one can access through a Google search).  Use the subject headings below to find a database that will help you in your research! 


Why use databases?  Watch this video to learn more!  

Doing Research? 

Use these great databases to find information! 


*Britannica Online

*World Book (also Spanish) 

**Discovery Education  (videos)


*EasyBib Handout with directions on how to cite sources

*Directions to access teacher-selected resources, use databases & use videos on United Streaming!

Use this great website to cite sources! 

*EasyBib (The Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker)

 Pirate Theme Day at BMS.PNG

Pirate Theme Day at BMS

on Friday, September 9th!

eBook Information

BMS’s digital library website


*OverDrive gives access to all BMS students for adult books.  

Books cannot be limited (as can be done in the LMC with the YA permission slip.)

Username & Password- the same used to log-into your device for both websites




Summer Reading at BMS 2016


Details of the Summer Reading Program 2016 can be found below:

BMS Summer Reading 2016.pdf


   Summer Reading Work.JPG       

   BMS Summer Reading Requirements.JPG    

   Book Check-Out.JPG

   *All information about Summer Reading is a Canvas Course which all students were invited to join!

Author Visit Dan Poblocki 9/21


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LMC Staff

Fiorini, Michelle
LMC Teacher
Ogorek, Barbara
LMC Assistant


Use the below link to find great books at your AR level!



To take an AR test, click below (only available at school during normal operating hours):



See LMC Helpful Handouts (below) for how-to instructions.

STAR & AR Reading

For STAR & AR Reading Procedures, click HERE !