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LMC Helpful Handouts


LMC Procedure 2014.15 Everything you need to know about check-outs!


YA Permission   Form Permission for 5th & 6th graders to check-out YA materials.
AR Directions How to check if a book has an AR quiz!

100 Greatest Books for Kids

See Mrs. Ogorek's page for the above-titled list, which includes grade levels and an asterisk (*) if it is carried in our library.

2014 Summer Reading Program for incoming 5th-8th graders:

While more specific information will be forthcoming as we get closer to Summer Vacation, here is a 2013 guide issued by the Penguin Young Readers Group that may prove helpful for all grade levels:  Happy reading!

STAR & AR Reading

For STAR & AR Reading Procedures, click HERE !


Click here to view Mrs. Fiorini's webpage...

Library Media Center

Resource Links

Doing Research?  Use these great databases to find information! 


*Britannica Online

*World Book (also Spanish) 

*Discovery Education  (videos)
-ALL videos have to be downloaded.  This takes extra steps and time.

-Read the video descriptions, and only download the videos if you feel the video will be beneficial to your research.


*EasyBib Handout with directions on how to cite sources

*Directions to access teacher-selected resources, use databases & download videos on United Streaming!

Use this great website to cite sources! 

*EasyBib (The Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker)

Tagul- Word Clouds

Rebecca Caudill 2015 Nominees, Information & Videos

Here is the presentation for the School-Wide Rebecca Caudill (RC) event!

In the presentation, you find book summaries for each of the 20 nominated books and book trailers/videos: 

Simply click: "Present Remotely"  &  "Start Remote Presentation" to view

In addition, the RC brochure has details about the program and specific information about each book's interest levels, AR level and eBook availability at BMS.

This is a huge event for our students, and I encourage all to take part!
Happy Reading!

2015 Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award Nominees

AlmostHome.jpg CharlieJoeJackson.jpg Bomb.jpg ChuckClose.jpg
ClockworkThree.jpg DiamondDesert.jpg DogsOnDuty.jpg FalsePrince.jpg
Ivan.jpg Legend.jpg LongWalkToWater.jpg NavigatingEarly.jpg
NeverSayDie.jpg OneMurphys.jpg SavingZasha.jpg Slob.jpg
TuesdaysCastle.jpg Ungifted.jpg Unstoppable.jpg Zook.jpg


Author Doug Wilhelm Visits BMS!



OverDrive eBook Information

BMS’s digital library website:

Username: ID#  /  Password: D.O.B.

OverDrive Help Videos

LMC Staff

Fiorini, Michelle
LMC Teacher
Ogorek, Barbara
LMC Assistant


 Search Our School Library Catalog by clicking the picture below...


Remember: this can only be done at school.


Use the below link to find great books at your AR level!



To take an AR test, click below (only available at school during normal operating hours):



See LMC Helpful Handouts (below) for how-to instructions.

2014 Summer Reading Program for incoming 5th-8th graders:

See the bow below the 2015 Rebecca Caudill Award Nominees.

Helpful Links for Teachers



There are resources galore here for educators!